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It's a game of love with more rivals and obstacles (and sex! There is sooooooo much crap wrong with this train wreck of a manga that I don't even know where to begin.

No character development, zero plot, zero cohesion, crappy art...

And when threatened by that principal's son (? My God, my mind was so screwed after skimming a few chapters of this. Yea he was a big "H", but he had some really cute moments as well. And it has to be some incredible power of love for you to keep loving someone after all "that mess" !! Last updated on March 14th, 2012, pm I know what to expect while reading manga that is categorized as "smut" but I was hoping since Seri could fight, she would at least be able to defend herself.To put it simply this is a very colorful or bountiful manga.It's got more than the usual romance fluff and/or sex.) didn't do or say anything for her own defense. And all she did was acting tough but when a guy rape her, she just allowed it. I wonder how Japan actually making money and living like such a great nation with people, depicted in this manga, whose activities are just... Seri was a bit stupid (Minami sensei has a habit of drawing stupid girls) but she wasn't a bad character. Why do all weak female leads feel sorry for the guys who try to rape them/ rape them or molest them in one way or another.non-productive (they didn't even give births for the sake of the aging nation)! The only characters I despised were Takari and his dad (despicable people!!

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Find love singles dating renai koi introduction

Find love singles dating renai koi

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