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Unknown cpu is detected updating bios is required

BIOS update is reguired to unleash its full power (BIOS): Unknown cpu detected.

"Power supply surges detected during the prevyous power on" - win7x 64 ....

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SLanguage=fr-fr tu le dézippes tu obtiens un fichier iso tu cliques sur suivant et tu vas chercher ton fichier le plus difficile est de ne pas se tromper de fichier pour la carte mère si tu n'as pas asus update , tu le télécharges........

This option is useful for developers to identify the root cause of an AML interpreter issue when the issue has something to do with the repair mechanism.

acpi.debug_layer= [HW, ACPI, ACPI_DEBUG] acpi.debug_level= [HW, ACPI, ACPI_DEBUG] Format: PCI_COMPONENT Bits in debug_level correspond to a level in ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT statements, e.g., ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT((ACPI_DB_INFO, ... See Documentation/acpi/for more information about debug layers and levels.

Some firmware have broken 64 bit addresses for force ACPI ignore these and use the older legacy 32 bit addresses.

acpica_no_return_repair [HW, ACPI] Disable AML predefined validation mechanism This mechanism can repair the evaluation result to make the return objects more ACPI specification compliant.

Enable processor driver info messages: acpi.debug_layer=0x20000000 Enable PCI/PCI interrupt routing info messages: acpi.debug_layer=0x400000 Enable AML "Debug" output, i.e., stores to the Debug object while interpreting AML: acpi.debug_layer=0xffffffff acpi.debug_level=0x2 Enable all messages related to ACPI hardware: acpi.debug_layer=0x2 acpi.debug_level=0xffffffff Some values produce so much output that the system is unusable.

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This will prevent optimal system performance" or "Unknown or incorrect ACadapter detected", reduce the processor CPU is Unknown - Follow Updating theBIOS 
11-Jan-2019 23:44
Hello, I upgraded my pc into 2.50 Ghz dual core and 512 mb video card and when I turn on the computer there was a message said Unknown CPU Detected Bios Update is. 
11-Jan-2019 23:49
Unknown CPU detected, Bios update is required to unleash it's full power. CPU Over voltage error after updating BIOS. 0. CPU fan speed error detected. 
11-Jan-2019 23:54
Aide au choix de chacune des différentes pièces de votre PC, avec économie, même si vous êtes novice ! Comment dépanner et faire évoluer votre PC. Choisir et. 
11-Jan-2019 23:58
CPUを買い換えました。 Unknown CPU detected, updating BIOS is required to unleash it's full power! 起動後ところが↑のような文字がでてます。 
12-Jan-2019 00:03
Unknown CPU is detected,updating BIOS is required to unleash its full power! CPU Over. 出现unknown cpu detected bios up. 
12-Jan-2019 00:07

Unknown cpu is detected updating bios is required introduction

Unknown cpu is detected updating bios is required

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